Oakland Medical Supply, LLC

屋 崙 保 健 醫 療 器 材 公 司

Cong Ty Dung Cu Y Khoa Oakland

823 Harrison Street Oakland, CA 94607

  • Wheelchairs

    Wheelchairs, Walkers, Single Point Canes, Quad Canes, and Crutches

  • Bathroom Safety

    Transfer Benches, Bath and Shower Chairs, Bathroom Stools, Commodes, Shower Support Handles and Toilet Risers

    bath bench
  • Patient Care

    Bandages, Wraps, Compression Stockings, Hernia Belts, Neck Braces, Wrist Braces, Surgical Gloves and More

    wraps and dages
  • Foot Care

    Ankle Braces, Heel Pillows, Gel Toe Separators, Corn and Bunyon Relief, Bent Toe Relief

    ankle sleeve
  • Back Support

    Back Cushions, Wheelchar Cushions, Coccyx Ring Cushions, Bed Wedges, Lumbar Supports and Compresses

    back cushion
  • Incontinence

    Adult Diapers, Bariatric Diapers, Catheters, Male and Female Urinals, Bedpans

    adult diaper